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meet me


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meet me




{also known as}
Jess /or/ Jess the mess

:things i'm into these days:

+ My Peloton bike at 5AM

+ Water bottles and lots of them (everywhere)

+ Laundry dates watching Chopped or Beat Bobby Flay

+ Audiobooks (Kristen Hannah, Rebecca Yarros, Emily Henry)

+ Bartender of mocktails

+ Baking the *easiest* loaves of bread

:Things I'm always into:

+ Dancing a hole in the floor

+ Coffee with oatmeal cookie creamer

+ County fairs (4-H alumni right here!)

+ Going to bed early, waking early

+ All things Christmas

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meet me


my Family

[of five]

mom of
2 wildly-mechanical boys, 5&3
1 shoe-loving girl, 20mos

:things we like to do:

+ Puzzles & board games

+ Crafts, the messier the better

+ Baking treats

+ Ice Cream dates

+ Dance parties

+ Reading lots & lots of books

+ Cabin trips

+ Movie & game nights

There is always a ton of yard work to do & an overabundance of laundry that never seems to ever have an end. We love making memories and going on adventures near and far. A camera or phone is almost always capturing our sweet family memories. At the end of the day we strive to live a full life that has happiness, love & sweet treats poured into it.

Advice & Tips

Why should I book a full session over a mini session?

As much as I love the convenience of mini sessions, I savor the slowed down pace of full sessions.

Families tend to arrive more calm. They feel more confident that their photographer will get an ample amount of photos.

There is more time to get to know each other. I love to sit in front of the kiddos and ask them questions about school. Maybe tell a ridiculously unfunny joke.

There is more time to explore and wander.

How do you choose your black and white photos?

I love black and white photos that show detail and emotion. Typically I include some posed black and white photos in a full session gallery, but I'm drawn to close-up photos where black and white brings you in a little deeper. Where a story is told and a memory becomes art.

What should I wear for my newborn session?

Clothing choices play a huge role in the overall feel and tone of your photos. I'm more than happy to work with you on coordinating the perfect collection.

For mom, I recommend a maxi dress! Maxi dresses look natural to the environment and photograph well for newborn sessions. You will want to avoid bright tones as it can create unnatural skin tones on baby due to the color cast. Please also stay away from loud, busy patterns, logos, and dark colors. Most importantly, you want to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you end up choosing. If you want to wear jeans, pair a kimono/cardigan or something soft with your outfit.

For baby, start with a simple neutral onesie and/or swaddle. I have a few in my collection I can bring. I also pack blankets, headbands and a few accessories if you’d like to use one of those! Don’t worry about styling baby if you don’t want to 🙂

For Dad, go simple and casual! A fitted pair of jeans or chino shorts with a neutral v-neck or henley t-shirt always looks great

Can I bring snacks?

Bringing to your session your child’s snacks, favorite toys and water can make all the difference. I know I am not a happy camper when I am hungry or thirsty. Having a few essentials on hand at your session is always a great idea.

Tip: Mini marshmallows are a great snack to bring. They blend in with your kids teeth and they aren't messy!

Do you have advice for families with young kids?

Yes! Talk to them about me!

Tell them my name and even show them my picture. Let them know that I have 3 little kids and that I love to play and have fun. Explain to your kids that we will be taking a few photos sitting/standing looking at the camera and then we will play games. Letting your child know that they are able to jump and have fun at the session will help them relax.

How can I plan for my newborn session?

Stay relaxed that day and please don’t stress about cleaning your whole house. I’m going to show up and do my thing. I probably won’t fold the laundry in the corner (I have 6 loads waiting for me at home), but I will angle it out of our shots. I got you. Trust me.

General notes:
*Babies like to be warm, keep your spaces on the warmer side.
*If your baby uses a pacifier have it on hand

What tips do you have for siblings during a newborn session?

Release allllll the expectations. I know. This is the hardest. But it really makes a huge difference.

Give them a chance to step away from the camera and play for a little while if needed. I have no issues with snack and play breaks. Those are the moments I might take 1 on 1 time with baby.

Don’t push or force siblings out of their comfort zone. I have a few ways to engage them where the kiddos all end up in the same shot...like magic!

Praising your child throughout the session is the number one thing that can help prevent a meltdown. Even if it is something small, praising your child leaves them wanting more. Kids respond well to positive reinforcement, so be their cheerleaders!

What can I expect during my session?

I will try to start with that “Christmas card” photo if the kids are into it.

Then we sing, dance, wander, play games and activities. And when those aren’t the right “pose” I switch gears pretty quickly to something else they might want to participate in.

My intent is to capture your family personality by lightly posing you
in ways you can interact with each other.

What's your personality/vibe like during sessions?

The highest compliments I have received are that families have fun during their sessions & that I was great with the kids.
I like to keep the sessions very loose and casual AND CALM!

From my own kids experience, I will piggyback off of the interests of the kiddos, what they are comfortable with and ZERO pressure to force a pose or smile.

Tips for realistic expectations.

Don't say anything to your children that will make them believe your session will be a chore
i.e. "as soon as we are done we can have ice-cream"

Instead say
"Tonight is very special. Our family gets to visit somewhere new to explore"
"Let's make some very special photos of our family together and we will let you choose which one we sent to grandma."

The shoot will be more fun and successful if you change their mindset into believing the family has something exciting planned rather than it being a drag.